10 years of Rocking the Daisies with Mars Music


We both have our humble beginnings way back in 2005. A fledgling musical instrument store in the heart of the mother city and a festival concept that would become the Cape’s biggest music event inside of a decade. Early days, we partnered with the Rocking the Daisies team, supplying drum kits and amps to South Africa’s top local bands for the weekend. As each year clicked over, both parties learned how to do it better and better each time. We sourced more comprehensive gear for the backline requirements and our techs learned how to operate a stage at international level. RTD stepped it up as well, bringing out a string of international artists and improving the stage and festival facilities each year.

Rocking the Daisies and Mars Music (as we are now known) do what we do out of a shared passion to celebrate good music and good vibes. We work together to ensure that the ever increasing attendance at RTD is entertained at a world class level. We want our local bands to be local heroes, Rockstars… we want to support, elevate and applaud the many talented musicians who give it their all each year on the Daisies stages. 2015’s line-up is stellar and once again we are proud to be a part of the 10th Rocking the Daisies celebration. Here’s to 10 years of collaboration and to the future. Play more…





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