2Box Electronic Drum Kit Review

2 Box Kit

The 2Box Electronic drum kit is the “New Kit On The Block” in South Africa. These Swedish-made electronic drum kit has a few amazing features that set them apart from the other electronic kits in the price range. Firstly, the rack is made from lightweight aluminium and is therefore sturdy and can be adjusted to suit any playing style. It is also one of the first electronic kits to give you the option to replace the standard mesh heads they are shipped with to the drum head of your choice. This allows all the “purists” out there keep the feel of a real drum head, with the awesomeness of electronics. The snare “pad” is 12”, and the tom “pads” are 10”. The bass drum is 14”, so slightly larger than industry standard electronic kits and in my humble opinion more comfortable to play while almost silent when playing. The snare pad is separate from the kit, and is mounted on a snare stand which comes with the kit. It also includes a hi-hat stand that connects to the rack itself ensuring no tripods or legs get in the way if you are using a double pedal. It comes standard with 100 pre-set kits while including sampling capabilities. This means you can easily connect it to your lap top and load your own samples too. There are also some really cool “loops” on some of the patches to keep things interesting. The DrumIt5 module is really great, it has 10 individual inputs for 10 pads, and has 6 output channels. Yes, I said 6 outputs. This gives you great control over what signal is sent where when used in a live environment. The module is also great to use with the “TrigIt” triggers which are also available and manufactured by 2Box themselves. The triggers are cast iron, so being hit with a stick should not pose any real problems.

Feel free to pop into Mars Music to have a jam and check it out for yourself.
All I can say is that I am glad it was not invented by 2 Afrikaans guys☺

2 Box Module

– Review by Drum specialist and Van Coke Cartel drummer Dylan Hunt

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  1. Brilliant, good to see an actual music store bringing these in, I got one of these through Segma just over 4 years ago. The kit has done me really well. I must say, the rims are really fragile, as are the cymbal pads, though i really hit quite hard at times, quite hard! So needless to say after about two years this really begins to show. Luckily we now finally seem to have a bunch of these in the country I can look at some replacement parts (the pads are really easy to take apart and put back together, the little circuit board inside my hi-hat pad became faulty a week into having the kit which really worried me, but Maldwyn (the legend, if you know him you know) quickly got 2-box to send me a new circuit board, and seemed really strange as a user to have to now figure out how to open the hi-hat up and try fix some internal electrical problem I had no idea about, but it was soooooooooo easy, two/three screws later i could simple pull the old board and put in the new one, five minutes later I was jamming again. They even sent me a spare I have never needed. The module it probably my favorite module out there, you can make and load up your own multi-samples (different sounds for different velocities), and it technically has eight separable outputs if you count the headphones out, never mind the MIDI I/O. I must also say the reason the hoops failed me was the fact I wasn’t instantly replacing the rubber bands holding down the hoops, thus they became damaged by flapping about, I realized this a little late, but just be aware of this if you’re lucky enough to own one of these beauties! The toms and snare feel amazingly good to play, more comfortable than any e-kit I’ve ever played on, and I worked at a music store for a while and have had my jams on the flagship kits of the best. I believe its the 2-box mesh heads by the way, different to all the other mesh heads I’ve tried! I will definitely be giving Dash at Mars Music a call on hooking me up with a mesh head, some replacement plastic hoops, elastic bands, and possibly some cymbal pads (though I might try another brands cymbal pads since I haven’t yet). You can ride the bell of a cymbal, if your multi-samples allow, and also choke the 2-box cymbals which is a great but simple feature many kits don’t have.
    Love the kit and great to see some more have seen the light!

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