Digitech Trio Band Creator Review

Digitech Trio


If you’re a guitarist who needs a bassist and a drummer who are always available, love working with you, and allow you to spend the entire practice shredding ridiculously self-indulgent solos then look no further than the Digitech Trio!

The Trio is a pedal that “learns” a riff or chord sequence you’re playing, and generates a bassist and drummer underneath you, allowing you to work out melodies or solos and get a feel for what they will sound like with a band.

It features 7 different genres to choose from: Blues, Pop, Alternative Rock, Rock, Country, R&B, and Jazz, each with up to 12 song styles, in either 3/4 or 4/4 time signatures. The Trio also has built in (preset) effects for each style, in case you don’t want to set up your whole rig when you use it.

You can also select up to three different song parts to save, and switching between them is effortless when you connect Digitech’s FS3X footswitch to your Trio (a quick tap to switch to the next part, and a tap and hold to switch to the previous one).

I found the Trio to be fairly intuitive, the selector LEDs for the 12 song styles light up either green (if the Trio has deemed it a good style for your riff), or orange (if the Trio has decided you probably should pick something else). Again, with the addition of the FS3X Footswitch, you’re able to easily switch between these styles.

The Trio won “Best in Show” at NAMM 2015, and I would definitely recommend it to any guitarist. It does take a bit of time to get used to, as with any good piece of kit, but once you’ve worked it out – it’s well worth it.

That said, don’t take my word for it – pop into any of our Mars Music stores and try out the Digitech Trio for yourself!

By Tim Gliddon - Guitar Specialist at our Mars Music Constantiaberg store

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