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Focusrite Clarett 2 PreClarett 2 PreUnpacking the Clarret 2 Pre I am presented with a beautiful black brushed metal finish and Focusrite’s signature red face plate, feeling really “meaty” as a unit. Clarett boasts 24bit 192kHz conversion and up to 119dB dynamic range, a super clean way of getting signal in and out of your DAW and great value for money. The pots in the front feel great and offer good resistance. The front panel sports 2 analogue mics, line, and instrument input pre amps (switchable) and headphone output. There are four line outs at the rear, a Thunderbolt port and MIDI IN / OUT connectivity.

The Clarett 2 Pre comes with the Focusrite Control Software allowing you the flexibility of patching inputs and outputs, monitoring configuration and channel settings. The added plugins include Focusrite’s Red2, Red3 and Softube’s Time and Tone Bundle. The Clarret 2 Pre is best suited to a small scale project studio able to capture single mono lines or one stereo line at a time. ADAT optical port is available for expansion to up to 10 inputs for example connecting a Focusrite Octopre.

The Clarett 2 pre features a special “AIR” feature emulating the sound of the classic transformer based ISA pre amps – the sound behind thousands of hit records. The feature really does open sounds from various sources – very clean and present.

The Clarett 2 Pre is a user friendly unit with seamless integration with it’s control software, a high speed Thunderbolt connectivity and seriously low latency. All in all it is a high quality piece of kit for the project enthusiast upping their game and taking it to the next level at a great price point. Highly recommended.

There is one con to this product as the Clarett 2 Pre unfortunately comes without a Thunderbolt cable which probably going to set you back about 900 ZAR.

Review by Warren Phillips – music producer and our Cape Town city store studio specialist at Mars Music.

Clarett 2 Pre

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