Jojo Mayer’s Perfect Balance bass drum pedal

Balance, feel and minimalism: The Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance bass drum pedal


Created by Sonor’s sophisticated German engineering and Jojo Mayer’s ideals for the perfect bass drum pedal, this pedal not only draws from the best features of new and old pedals to create a boundary transcending play, it also has portability in mind.

With nothing more than a click of a button you can dismount it from the bass drum hoop and fold it up to fit into its compact padded Sonor bag. What’s even crazier: It’s just as easy to setup again, and it even mounts itself onto the bass drum’s hoop! This pedal makes for an excellent travel companion and cuts your setup time considerably.

In Jojo’s own words: “Essentially, it could be described as the soul and feel of a vintage pedal reincarnated in the technology of a 21st century body.” The vintage feel can be seen in the pedal’s round cam, which mirror’s the foot’s movement and also doesn’t have a sluggish lag on the return beat like most modern pedals. Although this cam doesn’t allow for an excessive power on the incline and may not be ideal for players of very heavy genres, it has a controlled and precise movement which has excellent applications in a wide spectrum of genres. The pedal’s also fitted with a ballistic fibre belt drive which is more robust and displays Sonor’s innovative Engineering techniques.

Ease of play is seen extensively in the footboard: the single post construction creates freedom of movement on the right side of the pedal, which is also elongated for players with a larger foot size. The stunning mirror finish on the smooth and streamlined board is devoid of protrusions to make life easier for users of the heel-toe technique.

The perfect balance is also quite quiet in play, which makes it an excellent pedal to use in studio. This is yet another display of its incredible diversity.

This pedal is great value at a very competitive price for it’s class. It comes out of the factory with the adjustment screws in their highest position specifically so that you can play an active role in deciding the feel of your pedal, so the spring tension and bearing rollers’ positions need to be changed upon purchase.

Overall, this pedal is the embodiment of playability, portability and sophisticated design. Travelling drummer, professional drummer or even both-it doesn’t matter. This pedal provides premium level gear with a portability-based construction unmatched by any other!


By Kara Snethlage – Drum specialist at our Glengarry store

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