LD Systems Dave series portable PA systems


Dave is here. No Cheech and Chong skits please. If you’re in the market for small to medium sized portable sound system, check these rigs out. They really do tick most, if not all the boxes when it comes purchasing a solid road worthy sound system. Based on the Lucas systems from a few years back, the “Daves” have not allowed themselves to compromise in any way the performance quality, nor the robustness of a small, inexpensive live rig, yet they have managed to arrive on our showroom floor with power to spare, looks to dazzle, and the ease of setting up and breaking down that any level of musician and performer can handle on their own. Being self-powered also keeps things on the simple side. Just hook up to whatever size mixing console you prefer, turn the volumes up, and go. No faffing around with longwinded and often annoying sound checks.

You might also be needing all the extra bits and pieces to go with it, like tripod stands (to get your satellite speakers to correct height), covers and bags (to protect your gear while in transit or waiting in the garage for the next gig), and castor boards, to roll your rig in and out of whatever venue you might be working in. Cabling is kept to a minimum, with only two cables linking your satellites speakers to your active subwoofer, and two more cables to link up from your mixer to the sub. Quick and simple has never been this, er, quick and simple? LD Systems have stuck to tried and tested construction techniques, hence all cabinets are made of solid plywood, which – granted – is a little heavier than the ABS style cabinets, but it’s this wood construction that gives it superior levels of overall tone, especially a warmer and fuller bass response.
Currently, we have the Dave-8, Dave-10, and Dave-12 G3 rigs on display, ready for a demo. You can bring your own instruments, mics, backtracks, or even your band, and we’ll run you through the “Dave” of your choice.


Article by our PA expert at Mars Music – Lutz Frerichs

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