Exciting New Products at NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016

The Mars Music team were at NAMM 2016 and there were some great new products on display that we can’t wait to stock. We write up about a few of our favourites below:

Blackstar Union Jack Fly 3 and Fly 3 Bass –


Blackstar Amplifiers are one of the leading amp brands to come out of Britain and for NAMM 2016 they showed off their heritage with the cool Union Jack Fly 3.

The Fly 3 is a small battery powered guitar amplifier with a big tone for it’s size which you can take with you anywhere for a jam wherever you go! You can also plug in a set of headphones to play or listen to MP3’s.

Also being launched in the Fly 3 range is the Fly 3 Bass ensuring that bassist’s can also enjoy this great compact mini amp with big tone.

Nord Piano 3 –


With outstanding new keyboard technology, improved grand weighted action, Ivory touch and expanded memory for the exclusive Nord Piano Library – the Nord Piano 3 takes piano feel and realism to a new level.

The new Virtual Hammer Action Technology simulates the movement of the hammers in a Grand Piano, capturing the characteristics with exceptional dynamics and breathtaking level of authenticity. We can’t wait to play this one!

T-Rex Replicator –

Something special for tone fans. 100% analog and handcrafted in Denmark!

The Replicator is T-Rex Engineering´s take on the ultimate tape echo unit, complete with a motor, magnetic heads and a tape cartridge. The goal was to make a tape echo unit that could nail the sound quality of the old echo units, but surpass them in features. Size, ease of use and super-fast tape replacing were obvious areas of improvement, but we also put in tap tempo, two playback heads for three output modes and a chorus mode that modulates the pitch of the echoes.

Two expression pedal inputs allow the player to control delay time and feedback in real time for instant synth-noise at your feet.

Neat Microphones

King Bee:

The King Bee is a large diaphragm (34mm) side address condenser Microphone, cardioid pick up pattern and an audio output transformer. Unit ships with Honeycomb pop shield and Beekeeper Shock mount. Already made it onto some reputable websites, sounds great and built like a tank!



24mm Medium Diaphragm Condenser, internally shock mounted. High resolution 24-bit/96kHz digital output and zero latency headphone monitoring. Boom arm and swivel capsule for effortless placement.


Four large diaphragm condenser capsules arrayed in a solid rectangular housing with pop shield supplied. Unit offers quality sound capture for many applications. Versatile microphone, quality at an affordable price tag.

Ultimate Ears – Sound Guard

Audio signal buffering and audio spike attenuation, the UE Safe Guard are personal processing units in-line between your IEM’s and the desired source. Microphone hot plugs, unplugs, feedback and otherwise unwanted spikes reduced to a comfortable level as they happen.

Ultimate Ears – Line Drive

A must for touring artists, consistent sound quality and level when connecting IEM’s to unknown systems. Line drive is able to drive headphone impedances to full level as low as 2ohms, 1 main function of the unit is audio signal buffering and delivers.

Blue Lola (Headphones)

The Lola is a passive unit (no built in amp), unlike its big brother, the Mo-Fi. Some preferred the overall balance of frequency response of the Mo-Fi in passive mode, good move from Blue bringing this model forward to the market.

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