Nord Piano 2 Review


It sounds exquisite, it’s unbreakable and absolutely beautiful! The Nord experience is one close to my heart, having had the pleasure of owning and playing various Nord keyboards and modules over the last few years.

The Nord Piano 2 stands out as one of the best stage pianos I have ever played, with rich, textured multi-sampled pianos and eps, it is a testament to intuitive product development and style.
I’ve always been a firm believer in rugged instrument design, which is why Nord has always been such an attractive option with their solid metal chassis.

The clincher though is that more often than not, rugged instrument design, aesthetics and sound can be mutually exclusive, but not with Nord. Not only is the Piano 2 a sturdy and reliable workhorse, but it is beautiful as well! The signature “Red Keyboards” are immaculately designed with little touches that blend form and function into something that inspires you to create.

The sound however, is what sets the Nord apart from its competitors. Nord’s lossless compression provides the user with some of the most accurately sampled instruments ever created without taking up huge amounts of memory.

With the Nord sample and piano libraries, they have given the user the option to tailor the keyboard to the sound exactly how they want, being able to swap out and replace piano and sampled sounds to your choosing via a user friendly interface. Nord are constantly improving their libraries and samples and the Piano 2 can stay up to date with the latest which makes them a great long term investment.

Nord – Enough Said.

Nikolai Athiros – Keyboard Specialist at our Constantiaberg branch


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