Novation SL MKII


The Novation MIDI Controllers are the perfect hands-on digital companions for my analogue synthesizer collection. From my studio to live rig, Novation offers me the exact tactile control and intuitive feedback that I need. Whether I am looking for a master controller keyboard for production or a compact rugged controller for the road, Novation always has a solution to fit the bill.

The SL MKII boasts a semi-weighted Fatar keybed with assignable after-touch to get a really expressive feel and sound. This is great as a Studio Master Controller, because most of my favourite synthesizers respond to after-touch MIDI messages! At the twist of a knob it allows for quick access of a whole host of preconfigured templates for most popular DAWs and Hardware gear, and also includes an easy-to-use template editor to create your own. The SL MKII houses multiple MIDI outputs, allowing you to connect a large amount of outboard gear, in various configurations. It’s also compatible with Novation’s incredibly intuitive Automap software, which makes all aspects of mapping your DAW software an absolute breeze.

In 2009 Novation changed the game with their release of the Launchpad, it was the first 8×8 grid style MIDI controller of its kind, and later saw a whole generation of producers jumping on-board the new technology bandwagon. The term “Controllerism” was coined by producer and fellow Novation user, Matt Moldover. It refers to the art of using MIDI Controllers to Create, Mix or Remix electronic music using computer software.

Novation have distinguished themselves as the standard amongst modern music producers and it’s a no-brainer that I rely on them for all my aspects of MIDI control.

By Dash Hawkins – Mars Music Constantiaberg Studio Specialist


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