Review of the Blue Microphones Bluebird



Unpacking the Bluebird I am presented with a Cherry Wood storage case, sliding the wooden panel open to find a Quality Control Certification. This is reassuring as BLUE Microphones are hand tuned and tested to Blue standards which include Frequency Response, Noise Specification, Fit/Finish and signed by a quality controlled engineer. The mic feels and looks great, a fairly weighted and solidly constructed unit.

The Bluebird is a cardioid condenser microphone that requires 48v phantom power, featuring discrete Class A circuitry at an affordable price tag. On testing I ran the mic through a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP and monitored out of a pair of Eve-Audio SC207 monitors, chose the larger driver to check out the detail in the low end. Listening back I found that the unit had serious clarity in the low and upper midrange, absolutely clean and detailed. If I had to choose a specific application for this mic it’d be, guitar cabs, vocals – leaning towards alternative styles as you’d easily be able to get vocals to cut through a more complicated mix with a natural roll off, without turning to EQ immediately and not interfering with the tracks low end frequencies. Conclusion; unit ships with the Cherry wood storage case, Birdcage Pop Filter and Birdnest shockmount. All in all, fantastic all round and belongs in your microphone cabinet.


Review by Warren Phillips – Mars Music Studio Specialist

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