Review – Roland TD11KV Electronic Drum Kit


This electric kit, with a kick pad allowing for double bass, four dual zone mesh pads, and three full zone cymbals with a bell, bow and edge sound is the workhorse for the working man and recording artist alike.

Here’s why: The kit is durable, playable and immensely versatile, with an efficient and advanced brain at its centre. This brain or commonly known as the module, makes use of Roland’s patented COSM and supernatural technology. COSM, or composite object sound modelling actually recreates the resonance of the material components in acoustic kits, while supernatural models player behaviour into the kit’s features and allows for ambience sensing, which creates an almost intimidatingly authentic acoustic kit feel.

For drummers who wish to increase their speed, the module has 14 on-board songs, an option to play over your own songs via USB or aux cable (where you can also tap in your own metronome) and a three-exercise coaching function which is extremely user friendly. It is also great for studio use due to its threshold velocity adjustment option which enables the right emphasis on those ghost notes and much more.
I have not been able to find even ONE frequent problem with this kit amongst its users and its only deterrent is the price it fetches, but at R31 290,00 you are getting a boundary-transcending kit with limitless options, including the addition or upgrading of the cymbals and drums. The TD11KV’s module has two extra ports for a crash and drum, so if you want an extra crash, you can buy a CY12C for R2495,00 and for an extra floor tom the PDX100 mesh pads will cost R2995,00.

Most kits in this range have the usual: choke able cymbals, metronome, customizable kits, and dual triggers. The key difference is that Roland has taken this and blown it out of the water completely.

The Roland TD11KV is definitely a best buy!

Review by our Glengarry drums and guitar sales team member Kara Snethlage


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  1. In keeping with most of the other V-Drum kits, Roland has the module attached on the far left of the rack and just below the hi-hat pad.

  2. It’s much easier to unrsnetadd when you put it that way!

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