Review – The PRS Archon Twenty Five

The PRS Archon is a leader in in high-gain, low wattage tube amps. Featuring high headroom, glassy clean tones that can be pushed to a slightly more aggressive crunch. The lead channel has as tight modern lead voicing that embraces our generation of modern music. This amp retains the ability to perform all the ‘old school’ classics but can tighten up easily for those fast leads and sledgehammer riffs.

PRS Archon 25

The Archon 25 features Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass control for each channel. Both channels come with a “Bright” switch that adds a little top-end sparkle for those using high-output pickups. The master control on each channel makes it the perfect amps to accomplish those creamy tones at low volumes.

The Archon has a step-down switch located on the back panel, enabling the user the switch from 25 watt to 13 watt. This feature, together with the master volume on each channel, makes the Archon 25 a perfect amp for gigging small/big venues and studio recording.

PRS has replaced the common EL34/6L6 power tubes with 5881’s, which makes the amp a bit too bright on the top-end, but it’s easy to correct on the great EQ installed on each channel. The Archon 25 is fitted with a Celestion G12-75T driver, which adds plenty of headroom to such a small amp.

The Archon 25 Combo retails for R24 550 at time of post.


Great size and weight for this calibre amp. Not difficult to dial in a great tone. The Step-down switch makes it a great amp for small apartments and live. Really well built (hand-wired) amp. Low noise.


The amp lacks a built in boost switch, which should be a standard on an amp in that price range. The knobs on the front panel are hidden under the cabinet’s overhang, making it difficult to see what you’re doing from the top.

By Stephan du Plessis – Our Glengarry store guitar specialist


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