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Jojo Mayer’s Perfect Balance bass drum pedal

Balance, feel and minimalism: The Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance bass drum pedal Created by Sonor’s sophisticated German engineering and Jojo Mayer’s ideals for the perfect bass drum pedal, this pedal not only draws from the best features of new and old pedals to create a boundary transcending play, it also…

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2Box Electronic Drum Kit Review

The 2Box Electronic drum kit is the “New Kit On The Block” in South Africa. These Swedish-made electronic drum kit has a few amazing features that set them apart from the other electronic kits in the price range. Firstly, the rack is made from lightweight aluminium and is therefore sturdy…


Review – Roland TD11KV Electronic Drum Kit

This electric kit, with a kick pad allowing for double bass, four dual zone mesh pads, and three full zone cymbals with a bell, bow and edge sound is the workhorse for the working man and recording artist alike. Here’s why: The kit is durable, playable and immensely versatile, with…

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