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Alto Kick 12 Keyboard Amp Review

In the world of amps, there is a lot going on. Guitar amps will forever rule supreme, and for a very good reason. Often overlooked though, maybe because of its lack of status enhancing qualities, is the keyboard amp. Keyboard amps are usually very versatile since you can run pretty…

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Nord Piano 2 Review

It sounds exquisite, it’s unbreakable and absolutely beautiful! The Nord experience is one close to my heart, having had the pleasure of owning and playing various Nord keyboards and modules over the last few years. The Nord Piano 2 stands out as one of the best stage pianos I have…

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Review of the Korg Kross

Whether your cup runs over or not, we all share one common value when it comes to spending our money: achieving the best possible value for our hard earned cash. This is most likely what Korg had in mind when they designed the Kross. I receive regular inquiries for weighted…

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