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Digitech Trio Band Creator Review

If you’re a guitarist who needs a bassist and a drummer who are always available, love working with you, and allow you to spend the entire practice shredding ridiculously self-indulgent solos then look no further than the Digitech Trio!The Trio is a pedal that “learns” a riff or chord sequence you’re playing, and generates a […]

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Review of the Martin D18E Retro Series Acoustic Guitar

Martin D18E Retro Series Acoustic guitarAs the innovators of the iconic dreadnought shape of acoustic guitars, Martin and their D18 and D28 models need no introduction to the world of musicians of all ages and skill levels. Used by the likes of Johnny Cash, Elvis, Neil Young and many other well-known artists, the D18 model […]

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Focusrite Clarett 2 Pre Review

Focusrite Clarett 2 PreUnpacking the Clarret 2 Pre I am presented with a beautiful black brushed metal finish and Focusrite’s signature red face plate, feeling really “meaty” as a unit. Clarett boasts 24bit 192kHz conversion and up to 119dB dynamic range, a super clean way of getting signal in and…

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Alto Kick 12 Keyboard Amp Review

In the world of amps, there is a lot going on. Guitar amps will forever rule supreme, and for a very good reason. Often overlooked though, maybe because of its lack of status enhancing qualities, is the keyboard amp. Keyboard amps are usually very versatile since you can run pretty…

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The Novation Circuit – In a league of it’s own

Novation Circuit Review The Circuit is in a league of its own, reminiscent of the iconic grooveboxes of the early 90’s, it builds on the success of the standalone powerhouses by incorporating all the technological advances needed to be functional and intuitive in today’s demanding producer market. It sounds, feels…

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Jojo Mayer’s Perfect Balance bass drum pedal

Balance, feel and minimalism: The Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance bass drum pedal Created by Sonor’s sophisticated German engineering and Jojo Mayer’s ideals for the perfect bass drum pedal, this pedal not only draws from the best features of new and old pedals to create a boundary transcending play, it also…

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Fender Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster Review

I will start off by admitting that I am not a Jimi Hendrix disciple and have therefore not spent countless hours searching for the Holy Grail of trying to duplicate his tone. I am, however, a fan of his music and of commemorative and signature model guitars in general. As…

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LD Systems Dave series portable PA systems

Dave is here. No Cheech and Chong skits please. If you’re in the market for small to medium sized portable sound system, check these rigs out. They really do tick most, if not all the boxes when it comes purchasing a solid road worthy sound system. Based on the Lucas…

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2Box Electronic Drum Kit Review

The 2Box Electronic drum kit is the “New Kit On The Block” in South Africa. These Swedish-made electronic drum kit has a few amazing features that set them apart from the other electronic kits in the price range. Firstly, the rack is made from lightweight aluminium and is therefore sturdy…


Win! Show us where your gear goes…

We are running a competition until the end of February – Share with us where your gear goes – maybe to the studio, a gig or even on holiday with you! Use the hashtag ‪#‎wheremygeargoes‬ and stand a chance to win a pair of Sennheiser HD201 headphones, a 20ft Planetwaves…

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