The Novation Circuit – In a league of it’s own

The Novation Circuit. Ideas in Seconds. Tracks in Minutes

Novation Circuit Review


The Circuit is in a league of its own, reminiscent of the iconic grooveboxes of the early 90’s, it builds on the success of the standalone powerhouses by incorporating all the technological advances needed to be functional and intuitive in today’s demanding producer market. It sounds, feels and looks awesome straight out of the box and offers a host of built-in sessions to get tweaking right away.

Novation really went all out on this bad boy, they have consolidated the expansive synthesizer engine from their legendary Mininova and Ultranova synthesizers into an incredibly user friendly “macro” based system. It doesn’t stop there, not only one, but two layers of the synth engine have been added, allowing users to create dynamic pieces of music using a combination of basslines and synth leads or create harmonies between the two layers, all at the press of a few buttons. The circuit also houses a four layer drum sequencer allowing users to either drum in the parts using velocity sensitive pads or meticulously sequence the parts using the 8×4 grid sequencer mode.

The Circuit offers on-board Reverb and Delay effects as well as a Master Cutoff Filter in addition to the eight “Macro” controls you get per synth layer and four for each drum layer. Within each saved session, the user gets eight MIDI patterns per layer, which can be recalled by hitting its corresponding button or sequencing it in very easily. On top of that, it all goes through an intuitive mixer, allowing the user to mix in the individual layers or mute them one by one.

I haven’t event touched on the host of other awesome features, but it’s already safe to say that the Novation Circuit is an absolute beast, and it’s set to be the game-changer that a lot of us have been waiting for in the sequencer and groovebox world.


By Dash Hawkins – Studio expert and Music Producer from our Mars Music Constantiaberg Store

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