Yamaha MOXF music production synthesizer workstation series review

Yamaha MOXF6-MOXFf8

Yamaha MOXF6-MOXFf8

The MOXF range has to be one of the most underrated workstations I have come across in the last couple of years. The biggest “WOW” factor for me is the absolutely brilliant sound quality of the preset tones on this baby. When Yamaha decided to put in the bigger brother ‘Motif’ sound engine they did us all a favour. I actually did an A/B comparison with a Motif XF and all I can say is that I am blown away by the MOXF. The one major criticism is the build quality could be better, but it will only make a difference when travelling from one gig to the next.

The layout of the keyboard is typical Yamaha and takes some time getting used to. Expandability on this baby is awesome. Never before has any keyboard brand allowed their mid-range selection to be upgradable. This was always meant for their top range keyboards. Although the MOXF range is priced at affordably, at no point does feel or sound like you are playing a ‘mid-ranged’ keyboard. Another bonus is that you can import the Motif XF sounds into the MOXF workstations.

Sequencing on these keyboards is a breeze. As for music production, one usb cable makes everything possible as it streams audio i/o and midi i/o via usb. Yamaha has dominated the Urban/pop music genres in the last 20 years with the Motif series keyboards and rightly so. Test drive one today:)

Yamaha MOXF

By Hilton Manuels our Mars Music Glengarry store keyboard specialist.

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